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My Model Life Class " The Basics" Oakland

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

October 6, 2019

Oakland CA

Hosted by Me Makia Johnson

This was my First Model Life Class held in Oakland California and It meant everything to me! Just to tell you a little about me, when I started the " My Model Life classes" I had just came out of a long year of deep depression. So it meant a lot to me, to come out of it and host a class in my hometown. Now I see why artist feel the way they do about performing int heir hometown, its a blessed feeling. Definitely a day I will never forget because it helped me realize how much of an impact I can make, just by sharing my experiences and teaching others everything I've learned.

I couldn't find a location in time for this class so decided to drive around and pick a location, the moment I saw this water fountain I knew everything would workout and be fun and playful, and it was.

At this class we went over a lot of the basic need to knows for new models wanting to be more professional.

For this class we went over;

  • The 10 styles of modeling

  • Building your portfolio

  • Creating a Comp card

  • How to Network

  • Runway techniques and more

Teaching runway is my absolute favorite, because its moving art. We are walking art and its so amazing to see. As the models walked around that water fountain, they looked like art and it looked like a fashion show and it was. You could see the models loosen up more and more every few minutes because they could see that for me, the key to looking good is to feel good. You want to feel you best to look your best. People like me and you can see emotions and feel energy the moment we see someone. So when someones looking up at you on the runway and in your head you know you look amazing and feel amazing, then they'll think the same, and then they'll remember you. That's exactly what we want, to be remembered, because that's how you get the phone calls worth money.

Special Thank you to the models who supported and attended, invested in themselves and actually came to elevate themselves. Also Special thanks to the photographers who attended! You all made this day perfect.

Remember that you are beautiful and deserve to be treated in a way thats fit for a Queen/King.

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Thank you to @iklektikindigo for this Beautifully made Video as well as photographers @Keo_massiah @Eliteangle_ and @Felipetroly.

#MyModelLife #MyModelLifeClass #MyModelLifeWorkshop

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