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My Model Life Class " The Basics"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

October 20, 2019

Sacramento CA

Hosted by Me Makia Johnson

One of the reasons I started the " My Model Life Class" is because, for years so many people would reach out to me and ask questions such as, How do I get started modeling?, How do I build a portfolio?, How did you get this photoshoot?, How did you get in this show?, etc. I use to always wonder why they would ask me, when I'm not a professional model and theres coaches who teach this. Eventually I went through an era of time that changed me so drastically, that all I wanted to do was help others emotionally and mentally, so when I started noticing those same questions, I decided to start teaching what I know. I realized I am a professional model. I market for myself, create my shots, select my photographers, style and cover all needs for myself if needed, I know my worth and know how to get paid, I've walked the runway in different states and out of the country, as well as anything else that pertains to my career. Not only that but I did realize there actually wasn't many Modeling courses that you could take nor enough people willing to help other aspiring models.

At this point in my life, I had just been reminded how much everything could change if we just feel good about ourselves and who we are and the decisions we made, good or bad, because everything happens for a reason. So I decided to put together a space that people could come and enjoy life and feel good. Something that would inspire people more than anything because we really we have all the answers we need in ourselves, sometimes we just need a reminder. Luckily because I was put in a position to have learned so much about the model world that I not only could uplift how people feel, but actually give them missing pieces to their puzzle.

This is such a perfect class for beginners who want to understand more about what it means to be a Model, want to know what a professional model looks looks or acts like, as well as how to be a business woman/man. I'n this class we went over many questions that the models had, and I gave many tips on where to start, how to start and knowing why they want to start and the benefits of modeling. We had the chance to go over basic Runway Tips that can get them casted, as well as make them look good when the show starts. I also gave tips on how to be professional/prepared at a Casting call to increase chances of being selected, and how to network with different people at different times. It was definitely a very fun and energetic class as we danced majority of the time!

Special Thanks to all the models that participated! This class I had a hard time finding a location and the space that I did use was a bit dark, but everyone was so understanding. Special thank you to the photographer that attended and even took photos on his phone after his camera ran out of space. Also Special thank you to the building owner and my friend for connecting us.

You have all the answers in you, just quiet your mind and listen, trust yourself. Take back your power

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Special Thanks to @keo_massiah for being the photographer !

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