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My Model Life Class " Professional Tips"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

November 10, 2019

Oakland CA

Hosted By Me Makia Johnson

I started modeling at 17 years old. One day I went to drop my younger sisters off at a modeling class our apartment building was having and the person hosting it asked me to be in his photoshoot. I of course didn't really want t do it. I was more of a tomboy and didn't fully have the desire to start modeling. But after he spoke with my mother and insisted I attend, I went ahead and went and enjoyed how good it felt to be pampered and dressed and then to see how beautiful the photos came out. From that moment on modeling became a feel good hobby for me. It's something i'm good at and it feels good.

The reason this specific class was so successful to me, is because everyone truly enjoyed themselves and felt good about the decision they made to attend and invest in themselves. Not many people take that leap of faith because they let doubt, or fear, or anxiety, or a broken mindset control them. But in all reality you have to invest in your dreams. Whether it's money, time, or energy that being invested, there will always be a positive outcome, even if you don't see it right away.

This class was focused around Information that helps new aspiring models understand what their first steps should be to create a foundation for themselves, as well as how to elevate from an aspiring model into a professional model. We spent a lot of time going over Runway techniques such as how to pivot, how long to pose on a runway, how to walk to different tempos, how to take a jacket off on the runway, how to be aware of your angles, and more.

This was Probably one of the funnest classes I've ever had and I appreciate everyone that attended, including models, photographers, video graphers, makeup artist, and the owner of the Building.

Love heals, love wins. Let all your decisions be made out of love and you will live an abundant life.

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Special Thanks to @whoisgfx for This Beyond amazing Video! As well as photographers @fotosbyspike @felipetroly @jayph0t0,and MUA's @mokandii and Hair Crazed Mo

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