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My Model Life Workshop "Winter Wonderland Edition"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

December 1, 2019

Oakland CA

Hosted by Me Makia Johnson

It's only right to acknowledge the magic Winter brings by having a Winter Wonderland Workshop.

This workshop was not only designed to boost the confidence of the models attending, but also to give them the perfect Holiday Photo. For This Workshop I put together a few things such as fake snow, giant gift wrapped boxes, Christmas tree, etc. Allowing me and the models to create a beautiful living room set for them to act out how they imagine a Super Model spends her Christmas.

This was a very fun workshop, as we all selected the music we wanted to hear, danced around, and played games, all while slaying photoshoots with multiple photographers. Although each model used the same setting i ensured that everyone had their own vibe and feeling behind their photo, of course it helped that everyone dressed completely different. The models were taught to act while taking photos to help their viewers understand the concept they are portraying. For example, If a model is taking photos pretend drinking tea from a cup by the Christmas tree, then I would tell the model to imagine tasting the tea and think of how happy she is it's Christmas. I'm sure the Holiday music helped.

I just want to say Thank You to all that attended! Special thanks to the models for trusting me and my vision, special thanks to the photographers for being so patient with us and for being there for the models that attended, after the classes as well to help build them up. Special thanks to the video grapher who came and spent time getting amazing footage of this Legendary Day. Unfortunately the footage was lost but the time and effort is still valued. Also Special thank you to the owner of the building we used, your awesome and everyone appreciates you.

Align yourself with what you want, only think about what you want, only visualize what you want, so know what you want. Be honest with yourself

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Special Thank You to photographers @Keo_massiah, @fotosbyspike, @Jay_ph0t0, and @studio1764andy for Housing the Event.

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