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 About Makia J. Leonard


Hey there, I'm Makia J. Leonard!

I'm a 27-year-old entrepreneur, international runway model, actress, and fashion show coordinator, proudly hailing from Oakland, California. My journey is shaped by the love and responsibility I have for my family, which includes five younger siblings at home and five older ones outside. Providing for them and creating a nurturing environment that fosters their well-being and happiness is a driving force in my life. My mission is clear: to not only be the best but also do the best, ensuring a bright future for us all while inspiring others, both women and men, to do the same.

A little more about me – I'm a mentally resilient, educated Hebrew Israelite woman with a vision to spread positivity far and wide, touching the lives of all women and men. I'm a firm believer that authenticity is your greatest asset, regardless of your surroundings or others' opinions. My mission is to empower fellow divine beings like myself, encouraging self-confidence and self-worth. That's one of the reasons I started "My Model Life Classes." It's not just about guiding aspiring models but also being there for anyone facing depression or anxiety, offering a listening ear and a helping hand.

Like all of us, I've experienced life's highs and lows, grappling with traumatic experiences and the overwhelming distractions life throws our way. I've felt lost, scared, angry, hurt, and defeated. But I've also learned that life is a canvas, and we're the artists. We may not control everything, nor can we change our past, but we can shape our responses, our self-perception, our thoughts, and our realities. So, my goal is to share my passion for uplifting others and brightening their realities.

One of my many passions is fashion show coordinating. It's not just a result of my extensive experience but also a medium to collaborate with fellow creatives: designers, photographers, models, videographers, retailers, and more. It's my way of creating something entertaining and inspiring while bringing to life the countless ideas in my head.

I aspire to be a runway mogul, an Academy Award-winning actress, a successful business owner, and an activist championing the cause of African American men and women, as well as all fellow beings, human and non-human. I cherish the world we've been blessed with and am committed to making life better for those who face mental or physical challenges. Consider me a close friend, even if we've never met, because I hold you in the same regard as I hold myself – with an abundance of love.

As someone who values every facet of art, I'm eager to collaborate with artists of diverse styles. In art, I see no boundaries. So, if you're interested in collaborating, don't hesitate to reach out.

You might notice in my photos that I'm incredibly versatile. That's because I'm more than just Makia J. Leonard; I'm a reflection of you, your sister, your friend, your alter ego. I'm a creator who absorbs the beauty of the world and channels it back in my unique way. I embrace all cultures, concepts, and backgrounds for my photos. If you have any ideas you'd like me to bring to life, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your unwavering support. You mean the world to me!


Makia J. Leonard

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