About Makia J. Leonard


   My name is Makia Johnson.

   I am a 24 years young Entrepreneur, international runway model, actress, fashion show coordinator, etc., born in Oakland CA. I come from a two parent household with 5 younger siblings in the home and 5 older outside of home. Providing for my family is one of my main motivations, as well as creating an environment for my siblings that promotes their well being and happiness. I strive to not only do the best, but also be the best, to ensure that I have and can provide the future I know we all deserve. As well as inspire other women and men to do the same.  

   To give you a little more information about me, I am a mentally strong, educated, Hebrew Israelite woman who hopes to spread a positive message, to all women and men. I believe that you can be your true self no matter the environment you're in, or what other people say. I actively promote confidence and self worth to other Devine beings like myself, in hopes of changing the perception of those who need it. Thats partially why I decided to start " My Model Life Classes" not only did I want to cater to the women and men looking for guidance while on their journey of being a professional model, but I also wanted to put myself in a position to help others mentally by being there for anyone going through depression or dealing with anxiety.  


    Like most individuals, I have experienced the highs and lows of living in this world we all share. I understand the impact of traumatic situations and the major distractions in life. I know how it feels to feel lost, unsure, terrified, guilty, angry, hurt, and just outright defeated. Even after years of feeling betrayed, it didn't take long for me to learn that life is truly what we make it. We can not control everything, nor can we change what has happened in our past. What we can do, is change how we react to life, how we feel about ourselves, monitor the thoughts we choose to have, and create our own realities. So what I plan to do is share my passion for helping others, to create and brighten their reality.


    One of my many passions happens to be Fashion show coordinating, not only because I've been around the process of creating shows for so long, but also because it gives me the chance to work with other creatives, such as designer, photographers, models, videographers, retailers, etc. It allows me to create something entertaining and inspiring for others.  All while getting the chance to put on display the thousands of ideas I see in my head 

    I aspire to be a runway mogul, an academy award winning actress, successful business owner and activist for African American men/women, as well as all other human beings and living creatures. I love and appreciate the world we’ve been blessed to live in and want to do my part in bettering the lives for those who are compromised mentally or physically in any way. Feel free to see me as a close friend, even if you've never met me, because I love you just as much as I love myself..... Now that's a lot of Love 

    Being a woman who cherishes all aspects of art, I would love to work with all different styled artist, because with art, I see no limits. So if you'r interested in collaborating don't hesitate to click the link below to book me, or even email me privately.  

If you take a look at my photos you may notice that I'm very versatile, the reason for this is simple. I am more than just Makia Johnson, I am You, Your sister, your friend, your alter ego. I am a creator and I take in all that I see from you all and I give it back in my own way.  I embrace all cultures, all concepts and backgrounds for my photos. If ever you have any ideas you'd like me to re create, just reach out to me ! 

Thank you again for your support.